FCI launches new format for its newsletter

Dear readers,

In 2011, on the year if its centenary, the FCI decided to launch its newsletter, dogdotcom.  We have published 6 of them per year for 7 years.  The audience has been increasing since the very first edition: the last one (December 2017) was sent to 45,000 subscribers.

Today, we are celebrating the brand new format of dogdotcom.  We hope you will appreciate our evolution towards a more interactive environment, better connected to hot topics and to other FCI media: the Facebook page and the FCI official website.

Dear friends,  dogdotcom is

  • about our federation
  • about the member-national canine organisations
  • for you
  • for the global community of dog lovers
  • for the large FCI family and followers
  • our communication platform,
  • the reflexion of everything that we do with and for our beloved dogs!

Welcome to the new dogdotcom! I wish the new format of the FCI newsletter a successful journey!


Rafael de Santiago
FCI President