FCI Academy: Preserving breeds, debunking myths

HEALTHY or NOT? Do Genetic failures belong to dog BREEDS or to the canine SPECIES? A comparative international study of 100,000 (!) pure-bred and cross-bred dogs related to their genetic status. Which Group is more affected with Genetic Failures?

Link to the live presentation by Tamás Jakkel (Education Conference, Vilnius 2019, organised by the Lithuanian canine organisation.

FCI launches new format for its newsletter

Dear readers,

In 2011, on the year if its centenary, the FCI decided to launch its newsletter, dogdotcom.  We have published 6 of them per year for 7 years.  The audience has been increasing since the very first edition: the last one (December 2017) was sent to 45,000 subscribers.

Today, we are celebrating the brand new format of dogdotcom.  We hope you will appreciate our evolution towards a more interactive environment, better connected to hot topics and to other FCI media: the Facebook page and the FCI official website.

Dear friends,  dogdotcom is Read more