Press release – FCI Extraordinary General Assembly in Brussels – 14-15 August, 2018


Press release
August 15th, 2018

During the FCI Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting held in Brussels on 14-15 August, 2018, FCI full members approved the revised FCI Statutes and Standing orders.

The amendments to the FCI Statutes and Standing Orders focused on four main orientations:

  1. Dog Welfare: including a reflection about the object, the aim and the activities of the FCI.
  2. Structural change: including, for instance, the reshuffling of the FCI sections, as well as the creation of a disciplinary and arbitration commission, and a financial commission.
  3. Modernisation: especially the current meeting rules of the General Committee and Executive Committee in order to implement new communication technologies.
  4. Enhanced Transparency: by revisiting the membership and partnership criteria, as well as their respective rights and duties. The repartition of powers between the General Assembly and the General Committee was also clarified, and a dispute resolution procedure was created.

The FCI General Committee is very enthusiastic about these decisions and hope that the new FCI Statutes and Standing orders will allow our Federation to face the upcoming challenges of the canine scene with renewed confidence and a strong cohesion.

We would like to thank all FCI members and the GA delegates for these two days of fruitful discussions and for their team spirit.


On behalf of the FCI General Committee,

Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI

FCI will hold an Extraordinary General Assembly in Brussels, 14-15 August

During FCI’s last General Assembly (Leipzig 2017), it was decided to hold an Extraordinary General Assembly in order to revise FCI Statutes.

On 14-15 August 2018, FCI full members will be invited to vote some articles revised further to the proposals made by the FCI General Committee and the FCI members in Leipzig’s GA.

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