FCI: We belong!

What does it mean to be part of the FCI community?

  • I am part of a dog-loving fellowship counting 94 national canine organisations
  • I can take part, yearly, in more than 1,200 international dog shows
  • I can take part, yearly, in more than 2,000 sporting events (working trials, sighthounds races, Obedience and Agility competitions, field trials, dog dancing contest and many more)
  • I can access FCI information resources about dog-related issues of interest to me, such as health, breeding, breed standards, genealogies,…
  • I have my own and unique kennel name registered with an international organisation
  • I have my dog’s pedigree recognised in 94 countries
  • My dogs have a chance to be judged by one of the 9,278 judges listed by FCI members

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FCI will hold an Extraordinary General Assembly in Brussels, 14-15 August

During FCI’s last General Assembly (Leipzig 2017), it was decided to hold an Extraordinary General Assembly in order to revise FCI Statutes.

On 14-15 August 2018, FCI full members will be invited to vote some articles revised further to the proposals made by the FCI General Committee and the FCI members in Leipzig’s GA.

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FCI launches new format for its newsletter

Dear readers,

In 2011, on the year if its centenary, the FCI decided to launch its newsletter, dogdotcom.  We have published 6 of them per year for 7 years.  The audience has been increasing since the very first edition: the last one (December 2017) was sent to 45,000 subscribers.

Today, we are celebrating the brand new format of dogdotcom.  We hope you will appreciate our evolution towards a more interactive environment, better connected to hot topics and to other FCI media: the Facebook page and the FCI official website.

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